October 3, 2019

BCA Meets with Finance Minister Toews

finance minister toews

At the Business Council in Alberta’s (BCA) September Member Meeting, BCA members met with the Honourable Travis Toews, President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, and engaged in a roundtable discussion. The discussion focused on both short and long-term challenges and solutions to achieving shared economic and social prosperity in Alberta.

finance minister toews
BCA Members meet with Finance Minister Toews

A range of topics was covered including creating a competitive business environment in the province, developing solutions to improve Alberta’s current fiscal challenges and future sustainability, building on Alberta’s status as a global energy and ESG leader, and understanding sentiment in Alberta in context of federal policies and challenges. Key concerns from our members also included future education and skills training and the future of Alberta’s economy.

The Minister also provided perspective on some key innovations embedded within the MacKinnon Report on Alberta’s Finances, released earlier this quarter, including the Nexus-style pass for businesses. He stressed that innovations in government are necessary to deliver important public services more efficiently—and with better results.

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The Minister also took suggestions, comments, and questions from BCA members on a variety of topics including tax credits, fiscal solutions, regulatory reform, health care, education, and policy stability.

The meeting concluded with an agreement that the future shared prosperity of Albertans requires a strong partnership between business and government and by collaborating effectively we can build a future where everyone thrives.

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