November 27, 2019

Lethbridge Herald: Local business leaders stress positive future for southern Alta.

Lethbridge business leaders aren’t crippled by the doom and gloom voiced in Calgary.

That was one of the first things learned by organizers of a new Alberta business network. Instead, Adam Legge said, southern Albertans are looking to a positive future.

“It was a very positive and upbeat conversation,” said Legge, president of the recently launched Business Council of Alberta.

“We didn’t talk about energy much at all.”

With assistance from the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, Legge met a number of southern Alberta business leaders during a round-table session Wednesday.

“We were very excited and positively encouraged by the conversation.”
Legge and his colleagues are touring the province, recruiting business leaders to the non-partisan group. The mood here is quite different from in Calgary, he observed.

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