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Define the Decade

A Framework for Prosperity for Albertans

What does a good life in Alberta look like in 2030? We’re embarking on a journey to explore how we as businesses, Albertans, and policy makers purposefully co-create a good and prosperous life for everyone through a competitive, inclusive, and sustainable economy by the next decade.

Alberta’s economy has been hit hard over the past few years. Many question the future prosperity and vibrancy of Alberta. But we know our best days are in front of us if we plan for them on purpose. 

The time is now to think deeply and strategically about our future. 

Define the Decade is a major project to create both a vision and economic framework that will define the next decade of Alberta’s future and look to build Alberta into a place where all who call this place home have security, belonging, and opportunity to live a good life.

Alberta’s future is up to us. Do you have a Big Idea for Alberta’s future?

This project is designed for Albertans, by Albertans, and we want your input!

Whether it’s a groundbreaking policy idea, innovative initiative, or just some new thinking, we want to hear your Big Idea to make Alberta an even better place to live, work, and play for everybody.

About the Project

Define the Decade is a major research and engagement project that looks to explore how businesses, Albertans and policy makers come together to make life better for Albertans over the next decade.

Ultimately, this project looks to do two things:

  1. Create a unifying vision between Albertans and the business community of what a good life and great Alberta looks like 10 years from now; and
  2. Develop the framework and pathways to get to that good life, including the economic environment needed to create investment and job creation which will support improved prosperity for Albertans.

For Albertans, By Albertans—Research & Engagement Process


The project includes a comprehensive research and engagement process. Over the next six months, the Task Force will:

  1. Engage a diversity of Albertans from across the province and many walks of life, in a variety of research methodologies to learn more about their values, priorities, challenges, and views and what they see as a good life.
  2. Identify and catalogue Alberta’s assets, strengths, and advantages.
  3. Look around the world to identify economic opportunities, competitive advantages, and best practices.
  4. Develop a vision and framework to help all Albertans thrive.

We will release interim reports and research throughout the process, with the final report due in January 2022.

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Research & Engagement Framework

  • Engaging the General Public through random and representative polling, qualitative research and targeted interviews
  • Engaging BCA Members and Business Leaders through member communications, events, and interviews
  • Engaging Prosperity-Focused Organizations and External Partners including existing research, governments, think tanks, and other associations
  • Engaging Diverse perspectives, life experiences, and other experts through the Prosperity Advisory Committee

CEO Task Force

This project will be guided and supported by a Task Force, composed of Alberta’s top business leaders including:

Susannah Pierce (Co-Chair)

President & Country Chair
Shell Canada

Cory Janssen (Co-Chair)

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Alex Pourbaix

President & CEO
Cenovus Energy

Al Monaco

President & CEO

Angela Lekatsas

President & CEO
Cervus Equipment

Jason Pincock


John Kousinioris

President & CEO

Jordan Hokanson

President & CEO
Hokanson Capital

Karen Brookman

President & CEO

Kristi Cawthorn

Startec Compression & Process

Rohit Gupta

Rohit Group of Companies

Sami Saad

Fort McKay Group of Companies

Scott Bolton

President & CEO

Trent Fequet

Steel River Group

Prosperity Advisory Committee

The Prosperity Advisory Committee is a parallel advisory group to the CEO Task Force. The group is composed of business and community leaders and experts from across the province and provides insight, advice, and guidance on the vision and framework of the project. 

Anila Lee Yuen

President & CEO
Centre for Newcomers

Charles Buchanan

CEO / Co-Founder & Board Director
Technology Helps / Calgary Black Chambers

Dr. Matthew Corkum

Speaker, Disability & Inclusion Advocate

Gary St. Amand

Bissell Centre Edmonton

Jaime Rogers

Manager of the Homeless and Housing Development Department
Medicine Hat Community Housing Society

Ken Boessenkool

J.W. McConnell Professor of Practice / Research Fellow
Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University / CD Howe Institute

Lars Hallstrom

Prentice Institute, University of Lethbridge

Marcela Mandeville

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

Marlene Poitras

Regional Chief
Assembly of First Nations of Alberta

Megan Langpap (Steiestol)

Manager, Strategic Communications, Communications & Engagement
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Nagwan Al-Guneid

Manager, Policy Innovation and Government Relations / Co-Founder
Energy Futures Lab / The Next 30

Saul Benary

Board Chair
Alberta LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

Tyler Bedford

Director of Communications and Relations
Building Trades of Alberta


For more information on this project or how you can get involved, please contact one of our project leads:

Scott Crockatt, VP, Communications & External Relations

Mike Holden, VP, Policy & Chief Economist

If you are making a media inquiry, please contact Media@BusinessCouncilAB.com.

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