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COVID-19 Response Measures


Stay up-to-date on all COVID-19 policy announcements from the federal and provincial governments to support people, business and the economy.

Letter to PM on COVID-19 Response 

Over 60 Alberta CEOs signed a letter of support to the federal government and to offer bold policy ideas to protect people, business and the economy.
Making life better

The Business Council of Alberta, has a simple but radical idea: making life better.

This means business is a leader in helping Albertans, the economy and the environment thrive.

The Latest

Episode #007: What are Canadians thinking about COVID-19?

Episode #007: What are Canadians thinking about COVID-19?

Almost nothing has swept the globe with the endurance and speed as COVID-19. Since the first case in Wuhan, China in December 2019, this virus has exposed the fragility of economies, the pressure points of our health care systems and the true heroes we find in the...

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Policy. Advocacy. Action.

Learn more about our work to create economic and social prosperity for all.

What We’re Working On

Doing What's Right

Alberta business is focused on the right things, with a strong commitment to environment, social and governance (ESG) innovation and leadership, as a means to achieving shared prosperity

A Model Business Climate

Alberta is the place that enables opportunity and innovation, creates jobs, and attracts people and investment

The Future, On Purpose

An Alberta economy that is adaptive, resilient and thriving, enabling better lives for current and future generations

Our Approach

Adapt. Collaborate. Preserve.

To build a better Alberta, we harness the collective power of business leaders, entrepreneurs, influential decision-makers and unexpected collaborators. We boldly face the challenges ahead, ensuring that our business environment remains competitive and prepared for change, and that our assets, our people, and our environment are protected.

Our Members


Top Alberta companies in every sector


Over 200,000 working Albertans


Tens of billions annually in our economy

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